Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, Infowars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine, Loomered.com, and The Gateway Pundit. 

He has been banned from Twitter, Facebook, Paypal and numerous other digital media platforms for telling the truth about Radical Islam and standing strong for President Donald J. Trump’s America First agenda. The Daily Beast has named him “Roger Stone’s Mini-Me” and the Miami New-Times has called him “well dressed and incredibly thin.” Engels has participated in over 500 radio, television, and print interviews across the world. 

You can follow Engels’ work at centralfloridapost.com or at thegatewaypundit.com and infowars.com, where he is a contributor. He is also on Instagram, @jakeengels.